Spreecast with Sarah Crow - "The Walking Dead Episode 7 - When the Dead Come Knocking"

• Monday, November 26, 2012
Happy Monday everyone. Garfield having taught me what unemployment never could, most people dread Mondays, but with a new episode of the The Walking Dead, and a new Walking Dead Spreecast hosted by Sarah Crow, the only thing you really have to fear is endless hordes of the undead! Well, that and racist rednecks with bayonet hands.

So come join us on Sarah Crow's Spreecast channel and watch the archived show now, as we try and gage just how badass Michonne is, I blush hard about underwear decisions during the zombie apocalypse, and cheer on fan-favorite Glenn's [who apparently has quite the female fan-following] biggest moment so far in the series.

For those you who have been tuning in week-to-week, I can't thank you enough. Views keep this show going, and without the viewers, there'd be no Walking Dead Recap Spreecast at all. But [fingers crossed!] we've made it the whole half-season of The Walking Dead, and with the mid-season finale looming, Sarah and I would love to have you all join us LIVE at 1 PM EST next Monday to send-off the half-season in style. 

So catch up with this week's archived show, RSVP to next week's [when it goes up], and make sure to follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahgcrow and me @themojowire. And if you're a music lover, catch Sarah's next Spreecast, where she interviews Time Travels Lead Singer Frank McGinnis tomorrow at 8 PM EST.