Spreecast Roundup with Sarah Crow - "The American Horror Story Late Show" and "The Walking Dead Recap" for the week of 11/11-11/17.

• Sunday, November 18, 2012
Before the new episode comes on tonight, I thought everyone might want to catch up with last week's undead shenanigans with Sarah Crow and I on her Spreecast Channel.

We cover all the "Lori's Dead" fallout in the episode "Say the Word," talk a lot about Redneck parenting skills, and how madness plays such a big role in this show. I think it's really fascinating how we get to see so many different characters reach their particular breaking point, and not only what comes during that [in this case, some pretty intense hack and slash style axe-killin'], but also what it's like to come back from that, or if the characters ever really can, or do.

You can watch the archived episode of us recapping the show here, but be kind - we are both quite noticeably wiped out from Sarah's wedding this past weekend. And by the by, congratulations to the newlyweds, and send them their regards on Twitter @sarahgcrow and her hubby @ryaniscool. Congratulations, guys.

And finishing up this past week in horror television is "The American Horror Story Late Show" recapping the episode "I am Anne Frank Pt. II." If you've been following the show [AHS: Asylum, not our Spreecast - though why wouldn't you be keeping up with both?], this was a pretty huge episode, finally unmasking the man known as Bloody Face, in quite spectacular fashion.

And keeping with the theme of the show,  Sarah and I have quite the good time, talking about everything from speech impediment that makes "horror" sound like "whores," the nuances of Sex, Murder, and SexMurder, and necrophilia. We also manage to talk a bit about the show! Not to toot our own horn, but all the Spreecasts Sarah's had me on have been great fun, but I'm not sure why, but we just could not stop laughing during this one.

You can watch the archived Spreecast here. I'm also contemplating suggesting a drinking game, where when watching these, you drink every time Sarah and I start talking about the X-Files or Law and Order: SVU, and try not to die of alcohol poisoning. 

And as always, spoilers, sweeties.

Check out both shows, Sarah's other Spreecasts that don't feature me [you don't want to get too much of me, folks], and remember to follow us on Twitter @sarahgcrow and @themojowire.